Мариян Славов

Editor in Chief
tel: + 359 2 400 11 01

Mariyan Slavov is a Bulgarian journalist and author. After studying Mass Communications at New Bulgarian University, he worked as a freelance Editor and Copywriter for various online and print magazines, including science and astronomy magazine Andromeda and the first console gaming magazine in Bulgaria – Neo Gamer. For two years, Mariyan Slavov served as an Online Editor for the first website in Bulgaria dedicated to Formula 1 news – bgformula1.com. On September 1 2009, he joined ICT Media as a Content Manager and after four years was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of website IDG.BG. In 2013, he won the internal ICT Media contest in the category „Inspirator“.

Mariyan Slavov won third place at a poetry contest for Andromeda magazine back in 1999 and an honourable mention in the Grafoman magazine five years later. Apart from his work in journalism and writing, Mariyan shows unabating desire to study and develop through various courses and online seminars keeping in touch with the latest trends in high technologies, science and art. He is also a rhythm guitarist and singer in an alternative rock band, a passionate table tennis player and a member of a literature club dedicated to science.